Our aim is to help you deliver the bottom line by sharpening your competitive edge – your people.

our-aimFor Boutique IT Consultancies and .COM Delivery Teams we do this through our  SPIDER framework. The SPIDER framework is a series of 6 modules designed to rapidly bring a service delivery  organization to the next level. It is designed to work with current working practices, and position the existing  services organization to own and take  their delivery framework to build a path that helps them rapidly mature that framework.

For small business and solo-preneurs we have condensed and re-framed the SPIDER framework to meet  their unique needs. Typically our services for smaller business are delivered through our Web-U webinar services or through public seminars offered quarterly throughout the eastern sea-board..

You don’t need staff who add value

– They need to be effectiveness multipliers!

The “team” is truly the centerpiece behind every project, business or product chain; the skill for both management and members of teams is finding the right balance of these 4 success pillars:






Keynote Presentations

Watch Antony in Action

Tony’s speeches are always engaging. Really. His focused, content-laden, story-filled keynote speeches can win over the minds and hearts of your staff, and train the specific skills needed for your organization. Keynotes can also often be introductions to longer hands-on workshops that really bring home the skills being trained.

Popular Programs that will Engage Your Team

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Resolving Conflict Building a Common Team Vision Enriching your Annual Planning Meeting Planning Day One Team Meetings Focus Sessions Team Builders

Professional facilitation is a powerful business tool to unify and motivate your team. After their facilitation session, your team can be rejuvenated, more closely bonded, more enthusiastic about the road ahead and truly excited about working with their team to meet common goals.

Here are some examples of experiences we offer.  When you contact us to talk about your business, we can customize a plan that is uniquely suited to you.

How You Will Benefit Think and speak clearly with purpose Use your own personality and style Project your voice and time your phrases Handle objections with skill Learn to relax and overcome nerves Convey your ideas with conviction

Our Presentation Training Workshop is designed for management and employees alike.  Our methods train them to speak more confidently by ridding them of inhibiting factors that have affected them in the past.  Our training will free them up to speak dynamically and with complete confidence.  You will see their influence soar whether it’s in a pitching session for new business, a presentation to clients or rolling out new products the results will be dramatic.  Our workshop works with all levels of speaking abilities, from novice to experienced.  Everyone will learn to speak more powerfully, with greater influence.

We Offer 2, 4, 8 Hour Workshops That Will Fit Your Needs -


Study Session

The Consultant’s Craft

Done, Right, Now!

Business Intimacy

Presentation Power

Flash Facilitation

Our workshops are designed to hone your implementation staff’s skills as consultants and communicators so that they can provide their expertise more effectively to your customers. The workshop experience can also serve as another powerful team building tool. We teach new skills and behaviors related to human relations, productivity and communications. Once people have been introduced to the new ideas they need time with an experienced trainer and their team to practice, role-play, receive feedback, and practice once more. Our interactive workshops provide hands-on skills training in the same areas as we offer Keynote speeches. Workshops include in-depth Q and A, practice, role-play and feedback that are impossible in a keynote overview or introduction. Skill-drill This fast-paced workshop provides laser-focused feedback to enhance the consultant’s comfort and skill in a particular area. Study Session The interactive study-session is designed to provide a deeper understanding of the area under study, with time to answer questions and pursue innovative ideas in some depth.

The Consultant’s Craft

This workshop provides hands-on interactive practice of core consulting skills and strategies. It focuses on building strong professional consulting relationships and trains in Power Questions, Listening and Reflective Skills, Micro-facilitation, Repeatability and more.

Done, Right, Now!

This workshop on efficiency and effectiveness provides hands-on practice and answers in a range of core skills and strategies to enhance personal productivity and improve workplace communications such as special checklists, “Agile Living,” “Frog Pages”, building “breathing space” into the workday, and much more.

Business Intimacy

This is a structured toolkit to help draw your consultants closer to the customer, and potentially uncover new business opportunities. It gives your staff new communication strategies to gain the client’s trust by uncovering and solving their real business problems and becoming their “GOTO” consultant on a range of related issues.

Presentation Power

This workshop gives extra time to practice the presentation and persuasion skills learned in the presentation on the same topic. Watch your consultants increase their impact on the customer in every setting.

Flash Facilitation

This workshop presents core techniques to help consultants communicate their product’s real value to solve the clients genuine significant challenges.

why_choose_tony_picsWhy Choose Tony and Impact Teams

Tony Sherman Implementation Rabbi

Implementation Rabbi – The name says it all. We provide practical, actionable training that can be implemented the day you get back to the office. All modules provide templates and frameworks to support your teams they transform, all of which means you and they can start making an impact on your service delivery  business immediately.


Real-World Experience

Our courses are developed and taught by Tony Sherman, who has been passionate about adding remarkable value through high-performing teams for nearly 3 decades. Tony has honed his craft by rapidly building high-performance teams that deliver to stringent standards in many of today’s leading technology companies. Tony has delivered measurable value to clients ranging from small startups to large multinational teams; consulting for household names such as IBM, the European Commission, Charles Schwab, Kaiser Permanente, to name a few. He teaches from  his experience with a clear passion for the material and its impact on his clients. Ways we might help you to transform your professional services organization.

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